How do you play Nanocrafter?

Have a look at our Help Page for the game manual and helpful tips.

How is Nanocrafter connected to science?

Interested in the science behind Nanocrafter? Check out our Science Page to learn more about synthetic biology and how your play can contribute!

Who are we?

The Center for Game Science at the University of Washington focuses on solving hard problems facing humanity today in a game based environment. Our focus is on scientific discovery games, games that discover optimal learning pathways for STEM education, cognitive skill training games, games that promote human creativity, games that explore collective over individual intelligence, and many more.


Principal Investigators:

Seth Cooper, Eric Klavins, Zoran Popovic, Lulu Qian, Georg Seelig, Erik Winfree


Matthew Burns

Game Design:

Jonathan Barone, Colin Bayer, Fran├žois Boucher-Genesse, Matthew Burns, Seth Cooper, Rowan Copley, Zoran Popovic, Sundipta Rao, Georg Seelig

Game and Website Development:

Jonathan Barone, Colin Bayer, Xiaotao Chen, Rowan Copley, Tianchi Liu, Tim Pavlik, Jiahui Xu

Art and Interface:

Brian Britigan, Kenny Hong, Barbara Krug, Marianne Lee

Scientific Expertise:

Sundipta Rao

Community Manager:

Nova Barlow

Quality Assurance:

Nicholas Chapman

System Administration:

Ric Gray

Special Thanks:

Dmitri Danilov, Kate Fisher, David Rosenbaum, Richard Snider, Aaron Whiting

Funding by:

DARPA, National Science Foundation